They’re back… pickles and salmon!

What odd food pairings do you like? Today’s featured vendors are Fresh Crunch Pickles and Cold Country Salmon!


Fresh Crunch Pickles offers crowd pleasing cucumber flavors as well as seasonal selections like ginger beets, balsamic carrots and dilly beans; all handcrafted in small batches in Falls Church, VA. Recently, Fresh Crunch expanded to offer prepared meal delivery as well as pantry style provisions like vacuum sealed meats, house made hummus and everyone’s favorite – cherry limeade. Learn more at 


Cold Country Salmon is a small scale fishing operation working the waters of Southeast Alaska. While we fish, we are constantly selecting the very best of our catch to bring home to sell to our customers throughout Virginia and D.C.

The fish that we select are immediately filleted and packed in ice. On shore we immediately package and freeze our salmon. This very special handling process is what sets our fish apart from any other wild caught salmon available on the market.

Enjoy the full menu for sale this weekend: King, Sockeye, and Coho Salmon, Halibut, Halibut cheeks, Halibut bits, Black Cod, Rockfish, Salmon burgers, Salmon spread, jars of smoked Salmon, cured smoked Salmon slices, Salmon collard, Chesapeake shucked oysters, shelled oysters, catfish and blue crabs.


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