Nonprofit and Group Info

The Del Ray Farmers’ Market (“Market”) is a year-round food and plant-based farmers’ market held every Saturday, 8am-12pm.  We encourage nonprofit, fundraising and informational groups to hold bake sales and/or promotions at the Market perimeter.  Since space is very limited, one group per week is permitted.  No group can attend more than twice per year.  The Market guidelines are as follows:

1. Obtain approval in advance.

  • Contact Pat Miller at
  • Provide a description of your group and its purpose at the Market (group mission and what exactly will be promoted, sold, etc.)
  • Any music must be approved in advance.

2. Set up area is located at the picnic tables outside of Market perimeter.

  • Group space cannot exceed 10 x 10.
  • Sales and/or promotions are not permitted in the footprint of the Market.

3. Groups must bring their own materials, including tables and tents.

  • One 10 x 10 tent is permitted.
  • Picnic tables are for Market patrons and cannot be used.

4. Please arrive no later than 7:30am to set up.

5. Groups must stay until the Market closes at 12pm.

6. No more than four people at one time are permitted to sell and/or promote.

7. Sale of non-food items (with the exception of event tickets) is prohibited.

8. For political and voter registration groups:

  • Please let Market management know in advance that you will be at the Market so as to plan for space assignments.

The Market is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to any person(s) or property airising from participation in the Market.  All participating groups agree to indemnify the Market and the City of Alexandria from any and all losses and/or liabilities resulting from participation in the Market.