2023 Power of Produce (PoP) Club

Third Saturday of every month from April – September, 2023

  • April 15 – Salsa Scavenger Hunt
  • May 20 – Garden Rock Decoration
  • June 17 – Vegetable Sensory Taste Test
  • July 15 – Temporary Farmers Market Tattoos
  • August 19 – Farmer/Vendor Thank You Cards
  • September 16 – Activity associated with “Art on the Avenue”

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What is the PoP Club?
The Del Ray Farmers Market offers the PoP program as way to engage children between the
ages of 4-12, and their families, in the Del Ray Farmers Market.

How Does the PoP Club Work?
There are two components for each week that we offer the PoP Club:

  • An age-appropriate activity oriented towards the market’s core values: community
    engagement, sustainable food production, empowering children, making healthy food
    choices, and treating others with dignity and empathy!
  • After completing the activity, participating children received a $5 voucher that they could
    redeem at certain market vendors for fresh fruits and vegetables.

When is the PoP Club Offered?
The Del Ray Farmers Market will offer PoP Club monthly in 2023! The specific dates will be
announced in late winter / early spring, along with details about how to participate.

The PoP Club will be offered on the third Saturday of every month from April – September. These dates correspond to April 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19, and September 16.

What activities will be offered each month?
The first month will feature a scavenger hunt so that the kids become familiar with the market,
and the last month will consist of writing thank you cards to the farmers for the 2023 market
season. The activities in the other months will focus on gardening, composting, making healthy
food choices, and sustainability.

Can I support the PoP Club?
The PoP Club would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors! Please email
delraypopclub@gmail.com or contact Jeffrey O’Hara at 202 279 1157 to discuss further

Who are the sponsors for the 2023 PoP Club?



Brownie Troop 60237

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