They’re back… bagels and salsas and cider (oh, my!)

We have one more returning favorite today (and two who never really left)!

Conchita has been freshly preparing food for sale at the Del Ray Farmers’ Market for just two seasons but she is no stranger to the culinary world. Originally from Honduras, she has worked in the food and restaurant industry for more than 20 years. Try her best sellers of pico de gallo, guacamole, plantain chips, and homemade tortillas. Preorder or shop at the market.


Yael Krigman is the woman behind Baked by Yael, specializing in cakepops, bagels, rugelach, black and white cookies, and other delicious baked goods. Nut-free and kosher also available! You can also check out her website and online store here.


Lost Boy Cider is back!! Try their co-fermented ciders, made using modern style apples and all-natural ingredients like hops, cranberries, pineapples, and spices. They have quickly grown to be an Alexandria and regional favorite!

Be sure to visit all our amazing farmers and vendors in both lots tomorrow and purchase directly from these fantastic farmers and more: Ana’s Twist – Ashbank Farm – Bagels by Yael – Biggs Family Farm – Cold Country Salmon – Conchita’s Salsas – Fork and Hoe – Fresh Crunch – Grace’s Bakery – Hog Haven – Honey Brook Farm – King Mushrooms – Paella to Go – Shlagel Farms – Smith Meadow Meats – St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub – The Threeway Farm – Toigo Orchard -Tom’s Cheese Store

They’re back… pickles and salmon!

What odd food pairings do you like? Today’s featured vendors are Fresh Crunch Pickles and Cold Country Salmon!


Fresh Crunch Pickles offers crowd pleasing cucumber flavors as well as seasonal selections like ginger beets, balsamic carrots and dilly beans; all handcrafted in small batches in Falls Church, VA. Recently, Fresh Crunch expanded to offer prepared meal delivery as well as pantry style provisions like vacuum sealed meats, house made hummus and everyone’s favorite – cherry limeade. Learn more at 


Cold Country Salmon is a small scale fishing operation working the waters of Southeast Alaska. While we fish, we are constantly selecting the very best of our catch to bring home to sell to our customers throughout Virginia and D.C.

The fish that we select are immediately filleted and packed in ice. On shore we immediately package and freeze our salmon. This very special handling process is what sets our fish apart from any other wild caught salmon available on the market.

Enjoy the full menu for sale this weekend: King, Sockeye, and Coho Salmon, Halibut, Halibut cheeks, Halibut bits, Black Cod, Rockfish, Salmon burgers, Salmon spread, jars of smoked Salmon, cured smoked Salmon slices, Salmon collard, Chesapeake shucked oysters, shelled oysters, catfish and blue crabs.

They’re back… mushrooms and donuts!

It’s been too long since we’ve seen some of our favorite vendors, so let’s get to know each other again!  Today’s featured vendors are King Mushrooms and Ashbank Farms (the Apple Cider Donut Lady!)

Gourmet and Exotic Mushrooms

Located in Barclay Maryland, King Mushrooms provides consumers with fresh, local, gourmet mushrooms year-round. We grow numerous different varieties of mushrooms in a controlled environment without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Our mushroom tinctures provide consumers with a concentrated extract of wild and cultivated mushrooms, ideal for nutrients.

Ashbank Farm

Catherine has been with the Del Ray Farmers’ Market for many years! We are so excited to welcome her back with all her apple cider donuts, fruit pies, brownies, chocolate covered (with sprinkles) donuts, and much more.

Del Ray Farmers’ Market Pre-Orders

The Del Ray Farmers’ Market is now open for same day sales, but we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to continue to pre-order your favorite produce and foods.  It makes things both more predictable for our vendors, and more efficient when you shop.  Our vendors offering pre-orders are listed below.


Biggs Family Farms

Place your orders before noon on Fridays for produce, eggs, cut flowers, and plants.  To order, please click here.

Threeway Farms

Order farm fresh produce by 7pm on Thursday for pickup at the market Saturday mornings.

Shlagel Farms

Shlagel Farms is offering fresh local produce. It will be a CSA style box with add-ons (including strawberries!) that must be pre-ordered prior for delivery. Please order here to maintain social distancing and allow contactless payment.

Honeybrook Farms

Del Ray Market Location Drive-thru: In parking lot where the market is usually set-up: 7:30am-9:30am.  We just ask that you get your orders in as soon as possible (CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER).

You pre-order, we pull the order, we then email you an invoice, you pay the invoice, and you then follow the instructions and drive-thru route map that we send you, pull-up to our market van, give us your name and order # and your order is either handed to you or placed in the backseat of your car. Simple, fast, healthy… and happy! 🙂

Toigo Orchards

Please place your order before 4pm on Fridays for apples, other produce, and Toigo’s prepared products.  Select Del Ray Farmers’ Market in the pickup line.

Fork and Hoe Farm

Sign up for the CSA and pick up at the market by signing up here. You can also contact Nathan and Kelly for a regular preorder at or 804-246-3488.

Meats and Dairy

Smith Meadows

Smith Meadows is offering online ordering here. All orders must be placed by Thursday for Saturday pickup.

Cold Country Salmon

Cold Country Salmon is making deliveries – see the menu and place your order at They have now added delivery of local beer and sausage with more to come.

Tom’s Amish Cheese Store

To order, email by 11am on Thursdays. A full list of products can be found here.  Please bring your confirmation number for pickup.

Prepared Foods and Baked Goods

Lost Boy Cider

Order Lost Boy Cider by 9pm on Fridays for pickup at the Market on Saturday morning. Make sure to select the Del Ray Farmers’ Market as your pickup site from the drop down menu.

Baked by Yael

Baked by Yael will happily accept pre-orders for bagels, cakepops, and other baked goods through their website: They can offer pickup at the Del Ray Market and are also offering discounted weekend delivery on Saturday for $6.95 in Alexandria.

Conchita’s Salsas

Order Conchita’s fresh salsas, guacamole, and prepared foods by 7pm on Wednesdays by clicking here.

Ana’s Twist

Ana’s Twist is offering free local delivery and preorders for market pickup.  Please contact Ana at or 703-201-1824.  You can find her menu here.


Place Woofbowl dog treat pickup orders at .  Choose Del Ray Farmers Market in the location drop down list.  Give your dog’s name at the window to pickup.  Enjoy!

Paella To Go

Contact Chef Mario directly to order Paella Valenciana, Traditional Spanish Omelette, Traditional Spanish Omelette with chorizo, Codfish croquettes, Mushroom Croquette, Cuban sandwich, or Venezuelan Pasticho/Venezuelan-style lasagna at 571-245-8142 or

Fresh Crunch

Currently offering delivery of prepared meals AND helping you donate meals to families in need. Get the details here.