During COVID, Special Procedures Every Saturday, 8am-12pm, Pat Miller Square

First, we greatly appreciate the continued support from the Del Ray community as we face uncertainty and anxiety.  The market is slowing moving towards our new normal.  Vendors are now offering same day sales.  However, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to pre-order if possible.  Social distancing rules remain in place and the more efficiently you move through the market, the sooner the next person gets to enter.

Thank you for your continued patience at the market – the market managers have been floored by our community’s cooperative spirit.  After all, “waiting in line outside isn’t so bad, what else do we have to do on a beautiful Saturday morning?!”  We do know the lines are long and we’re continually readjusting to be as safe and efficient as possible.

Click here to learn how to pre-order.  Our other vendors, not offering pre-orders, will be back at the market as well.  We will also be spread out across Pat Miller Square and the Bonaventure parking lot across the street (behind the United Bank).  Have you forgotten about our other vendors?  Get your reminder here.

Please also follow our Facebook page for updates.  Thank you for your continued support of our vendors.

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